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by designing customer & employee

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bloom mood will help you to manage change by applying design thinking from a human-centric perspective


We align the culture with the strategy of your company

Matching corporate culture and strategy helps businesses to increase their competitive advantage and achieve better results


We place client needs at the centre of your business strategy

A first-class customer experience is the foundation to create a positive brand image and enhance brand loyalty


We strengthen the relationship between your employees and the organisation

Improving employee experience fosters deeper engagement, increases talent retention and achieves a better customer experience

Is your organisation facing a transformation challenge?

Transforming organisations through human-centric design innovation


We enable human-centric design to facilitate change management in your company.

Company culture

We align your company’s strategy and culture and support you during the change management journey to accelerate growth.

Digital transformation

We take advantage of the potential of digital disruption to create new growth opportunities, and ease the change management process.

Future of work

We design new ways of working for your organization to adapt to hybrid, remote and asynchronous models.

Talent development

We identify and develop the talent that will create the future success of your company.

Executive and team Coaching

We boost the personal growth of the leaders in your company and create high performance teams.

OKRs (Objective & Key Results)

We facilitate an effective business goal-setting, ensuring key results are established, creating an aligned and committed organization around measurable goals.


We design the customer touchpoints with your firm to create memorable experiences.

Customer Centricity Mindset

We put ourselves in your client’s place to align your business goals with the customer experience.

Customer Journey Map

We design your customer experience to go above and beyond their needs and expectations.

Design Sprints

Design sprints are a great way to quickly define actionable, creative and collaborative solutions to boost customer centricity.


We drive initiatives to create an outstanding employee life cycle

Employee Journey Map

We co-create the employee journey map using design thinking to strengthen your employee life cycle.

Employer branding

We help your organisation to define its talent attraction strategy, build a strong employer brand and create a best-in-class candidate experience.

Fostering Diversity and Inclusion

We help you to build diverse and inclusive teams where everyone feels a sense of belonging, and their input is valued and actively listened to.

Accelerating towards sustainability

Reach your sustainability goals more quickly by aligning your employee experience with your ESG strategy.

Training in design thinking & agile methodologies

We train your teams to use design thinking and agile methodologies in the way they work, to increase the added value created in your organisation.

Are you looking for a partner to accelerate the transformation of your company?

Design thinking and agile methodologies : our tools to transform your organisation.

We use them to co-create unique, tailor-made solutions to enable the transformation and growth of your company.

We are project boosters

We are innovators, we love fresh ideas

All our solutions are tailor-made

Human-centric design is at the heart of the experiences we create

We enable building new connections

We reframe your challenges and create new value propositions

We create scenarios to show future potential

We change your company’s mindset

We make your organisation more agile and ready for change

“Be curious, be generous, go for it!”

Is our attitude and how we feel comfortable working, and we want to spread this positive energy to all of our clients. It’s all about exploring, listening, connecting, building relationships, sharing and taking action.

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We can help you with the challenges your business is facing.
+34 600 40 13 20

    Transforming organizations to grow by designing customer & employee experiences